Driveway design

Radian Engineering LLC designs driveways in both steep mountainous terrains and more shallow sloped lots. We provide drainage solutions for proposed driveways as well as solutions for problems with existing driveways. Driveway design can also include grading and drainage around the proposed or existing home.

roadway design

Roadway design includes designs for subdivisions as well as municipalities. We design roads in rural mountain areas, flatter rural areas as well as urban developments. 

septic system design

Radian Engineering LLC designs septic systems in 12 Colorado counties. Septic system design includes the field investigation and/or percolation testing along with the actual design and final inspection of the system. 

sewer line and water line design

Radian Engineering LLC designs small sewer line and water line systems for subdivisions or for multifamily projects. We can provide plan and profiles for proposed  sewer and water line systems.

drainage solutions

We provide drainage solutions to existing drainage problems ranging from driveway and road undercutting issues to issues with water seepage into a building or home. We also can provide grading and drainage plans for new construction.

multi family and commercial site plan layout

We work with the owner or owner’s representative to lay out site plans to make the site the most efficient possible. From these iterations we can produce drawing sets for submittal and construction for the project.